Signs of age, wrinkles, firmness

Wrinkles, loss of firmness on the face and lack of elasticity… These are all inherent symptoms of skin ageing. Is forgetting these worries one of your daily concerns? A few steps and suitable products (anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing creams, etc.) to help keep your skin looking younger for longer.

The eye contour: handle with care!

Do you want to attenuate crow's feet? Erase signs of tiredness? Smooth your eye contour? In other words, do you want a fresh, luminous look?

To attain this goal, just combine a few simple steps with the gentle power of your new anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ally: REDERMIC [R] Eyes


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« "The thin, fragile skin around the eye contour is the first area to show
signs of the passage of time." »

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